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The aim of the present work is to formulate and evaluate gastro retentive floating tablets of nifedipine to provide the drug action up to 12 h, using natural polymers like xanthan gum, guar gum and karaya gum by method direct compression. Sodium bicarbonate with citric acid was employed as effervescent gas generating agent which helps the formulation to float. The formulated gastro retentive floating tablets were evaluated for different parameters such as drug excipient compatability studies, weight variation, thickness, hardness, content uniformity, In vitrobuoyancy studies, In-vitro drug release studies performed in 0.1N HCl for 12 h. The results of the present study clearly indicates the promising potential of nifedipine floating system as an alternative to the conventional dosage and other sustained release formulations. The study also revealed the effectiveness of polymers in drug release.


Buoyancy studies Direct compression Floating Natural gums Nifedipine

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