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Isradipine a potent calcium channel blockers belongs to dihydropyridine-DHP used as a most potent calcium channel blocker. Isradipine potentially form bonding with calcium channels inhibiting influx of calcium into smooth muscled of arterial and cardiac region. In the present study, Isradipine ER tablets were prepared by using excipients like HEC, HPMC, and EC (were used as matrix formers) and the formulated by wet granulation method, were subjected to physicochemical and evaluation parameters were compared with marketed product (DynaCirc CR). Formulation development of Isradipine ER Matrix tablets 10 mg by Drug in dry mix. Preparation of all the trials were prLepared by maintaining the effective processing conditions, NMT 50% RH and NMT 600c temperature. The release profile of formulation F-07 was showing similar to the innovator product. Analysis of samples was done by HPLC. Stability studies were performed for 1 month at 400c, 75% RH according to the guide lines provided by ICH and optimized formulation was developed. 


Isradipine HEC HPMC and ICH

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