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The objective of present investigation has been focused on formulation and characterization of Torasemide loaded transfersomal transdermal patch as an alternative delivery method for localized drug action to the targeted site. Torasemide was encapsulated into transfersome vesicle using different edge activators and characterized for particle size, vesicle morphology by scanning electron microscopy, entrapment efficiency and drug release. Later, the optimized F4 transfersome formulations were selected for patch preparation by solvent casting method. Transfersomal vesicles were found to be nanometric range [below 400 nm] with spherical structure. F4 formulation showed maximum drug release of 97.25 % and entrapment efficiency of 96.75 %. Based on the in vitro permeation studies, Torasemide loaded transfersomal patch was found to have greater drug permeation of Torasemide. The results obtained revealed that Torasemide in all the formulations was successfully entrapped with good uniformity and followed Peppas release kinetics model. This research work suggested that Torasemide loaded transfersomal transdermal patch can be a novel alternative approach to oral therapy in the treatment of high blood pressure and swelling due to fluid buildup.


Transdermal patches Torasemide and transfersome

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