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The present study was aimed to formulate mucoadhesive drug delivery system to enhance bioavailability and avoid pre systemic metabolism. The mucoadhesive patch was fabricated by solvent casting method employing ‘O’ shape ring placed on a glass surface as substrate by using different polymers such as Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose - 15 cps (HPMC), Carbopol-P 934 (CP) and Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC),water  is used as the solvents. Propylene glycol serves as the plasticizer as well as penetration enhancer. Triethanolamine was used to neutralize the carbopol polymeric solution. The formulation F4 with Carbopol and HPMC in the ratio 1:4 showed drug release of 88% in 8 hours. The sole purpose of this work is to adhere the buccal film with the mucosa; hence formulation F4 was selected as best formulation. Thus the aim of the present to formulate a buccalmucoadhesive drug delivery system was fulfilled. The further scope of the work requires optimization for scale up and in-vivo animal studies.



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