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Topical drug delivery system (TDDS) facilitates the passage of therapeutic quantities of drug substance through the skin and into the general circulation for their systemic effects. Evidence of percutaneous drug absorption may be found through measurable blood levels of the drug, detectable excretion of the drugs and its metabolites in the urine and clinical response of the patient to the therapy. The purpose of topical dosage form is to conveniently deliver drug across a localized area of the skin. To develop an ideal dosage form, one must take into account flux of the drug across the skin, nature of drugs, patient acceptability of the formulation etc.

              Although having plenty of advantages over other routes of administration topical drug delivery system is having certain limitations including hydrophilic drugs cannot easily penetrate across skin, to overcome this problem drug made into sufficient lipophilic or lipophilic drugs are used along with certain penetration enhancers which help to achieve desired results. On this contest, emulgel was formulated using carbopol 934 and HPMC K15M, clove oil / Castrol oil as oil phase, emulsifying agents like tween 20 and span 20and propylene glycol as permeation enhancers.


Emul gels Sonication HPMC K 15 TWEEN 20 SPAN 20

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