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In the present work, mucoadhesive microspheres of valacyclovir using Sodium alginate along with Carbopol 934 and HPMC K100 as copolymers were formulated to deliver valacyclovir via oral route.The results of this investigation indicate that Ionotropic gelation method can be successfully employed to fabricate valacyclovir microspheres.FT-IR spectra of the physical mixture revealed that the drug is compatible with the polymers and  copolymer used. Micromeritic studies revealed that the avg particle size of the prepared microspheres containing sodium alginate along with carbopol 934 as copolymer had a size range of 625µm to 648µm, and microspheres containing sodium alginate along with HPMC K100 as copolymer had a size range of  548µm to 612µm. Increase in the polymer concentration led to increase in % Yield, % Drug entrapment efficiency, Particle size. The  invitro drug release decreased with increase in the polymer and copolymer concentration.The formulation VM3 Sodium alginate along with HPMC K100 showed a maximum release of  85.62 % at 12 hours. Analysis of drug release mechanism showed that the drug release from the formulations followed the best fit higuchi’s model of drug release diffusion mechanism and follows zero oreder kinectics. Based on the results of evaluation tests formulation coded VM3 was concluded as best formulation.


Mucoadhesive Microspheres

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