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The objective of the present study was to prepare Floating Microspheres of Rosiglitazone. These were developed to prolong the gastric residence time and to increase the drug bioavailability. Rosiglitazone was chosen as a model drug because it is better absorbed in the stomach than the lower gastro intestinal tract. The Microspheres were prepared by Ion Gelation technique, using polymers such as Xanthan gum, Guargum and other standard excipients. The in vitro release characteristics were evaluated for 12hrs. Totally 9 different formulations of Rosiglitazone were prepared by using two different polymers like Xanthan Gum, and guar gum different concentrations. The amount of drug released from all the formulations depends upon the concentration of the polymer used. Swelling is crucial in determining the release rate. A direct correlation between swelling and drug release was observed and the swelling indices were increased with increase in polymer concentration. Among all the formulations the F8 formulation containing xanthum shows the best result of swelling index. To examine the release mechanism of Rosiglitazone floating Microspheres, the results were analyzed according to Korsemeyer- Peppas equation. Higuchi plot showed an r2 valve of 0.9205for formulation F8 suggesting that the diffusion plays an important role in the controlled release. The data was fitted to Korsemeyer equation; and the value of diffusion exponent ‘n’ (1.1) indicated that the drug release shows Non-fickian diffusion.


Rosiglitazone Microspheres

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