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Certain kinds of Caryophyllales plants and several higher-order fungi have betalains, which are naturally occurring colors based on nitrogen. Betalains are separated into betacyanins, which are red, and betaxanthins, which are yellow. It is commonly recognized that betalains have positive health effects and have a great capacity to scavenge free radicals, fight cancer, and prevent certain types of cancer. These characteristics open a recently popularized field of study: anti-inflammatory research. The significant potential of betalains as natural anti-inflammatory agents has been shown through in vitro, in vivo, and clinical investigations, leading to the conclusion that betalains have a good potential to promote health and can be utilized as an adjuvant therapy. Although the primary source of betalains is red beetroot, additional sources, such cactus plants, should be researched. The study on the anti-inflammatory effects of betalains is summarized in this article. The accumulating data indicates that a thorough investigation of betalains' anti-inflammatory properties is required.


Betalains Anti-inflammatory properties Inflammation

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