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In the present work, an attempt has been made to develop oral disintegrating tablets of Atenolol, was as Banana Powder, Primojel and Sodium starch glycolate was employed as super disintegrating agents to enhance the solubility and dissolution rate of drug molecule. The effects of disintegrants in different concentration on the release profile of Atenolol ODTs were studied. Developed ODTs were studied for their physicochemical properties and in vitro drug release profile. The studied parameters were found to be satisfactory for all ODT formulations of Atenolol. In vitro dissolution studies the formulation A3 consisting of Banana Powder was found be best among all the formulations it has exhibited faster disintegrating time (18 sec) when compared to other formulations and it showed 99.73 % drug release in 30min. FTIR studies proved that no chemical interaction between Atazanavir and superdisintegrants of the developed oral disintegrating tablets.


Atenolol Oral disintegrating Tablets Banana Powder Primojel Sodium starch glycolate and direct compression method

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