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Colostrum because of its versatile composition it can be used in variety of diseases. It has properties to stimulate immune system and also contains hormones, growth factors and other bioactive components required for the body to combat with various diseases. It has been used for various respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. The medical importance of Colostrum has been described in ancient ayurveda. In US Colostrum was in use for its antibacterial activity before the discovery of antibiotics 5. Colostrum upon contact with stomach acid inhabits and kill campylobacter, candida, E.coli, colostridium, helicobacter pylori, rotavirus, salmonella, shigella and streptococcus. Colostrum is effective in leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcers, chronic fatigue, diabetes, autoimmunity, arthritis, lupus and cancers, improves intestinal assimilation of nutrients, inhibits protein breakdown, shifts energy source from carbohydrate to fat, spur glucose transport in muscles. It is now well established fact that ingestion of Colostrum promotes nutritional, functional and biological activities. This article reviews the current available scientific literature regarding the effect of Colostramin capsules as a effective supplementation for daily energy needs in enhancing immune response.


Colostram Clostridium irritable bowel syndrome

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