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The objective of this present work was to develop Nanoparticle of Itraconazole. The proposed Itraconazole polymer loaded with nanoparticles was prepared by emulsification sonication method. Nanoparticles represent a promising drug delivery system of sustained and targeted drug release. They are specially designed to release the drug in the vicinity of target tissue. The aim of this study was to prepare and evaluate polymer loaded nanoparticles containing Itraconazole in different drug to polymer ratio. SEM indicated that nanoparticles have a discrete spherical structure. FT-IR studies indicated that there was no chemical interaction between drug and polymer and stability of drug. The in vitro release behavior from all the drug loaded batches was found to be Peppas release and provided sustained release over a period of 48 h. The developed formulation overcome and alleviates the drawbacks and limitations of Itraconazole sustained release formulations and could possibility be advantageous in terms of increased bioavailability of Itraconazole.


Itraconazole Nanoparticles

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