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Cubosomes are bicontinuous cubic phase liquid crystals have many properties that make them appealing as a universal vehicle for drug delivery and it was considered as the drug Nano carrier due to their great potential as an alternative drug delivery system relative to liposome. cubosome have great potential in drug Nano formulations for melanoma therapy owing to their potential advantages, including high drug payloads due to high internal surface area and cubic crystalline structures, relatively simple preparation method, biodegradability of lipids, the ability of encapsulating hydrophobic, hydrophilic and amphiphilic substances, targeting and controlled release of bioactive agents. Cubosome dispersions are bio adhesive and biocompatible. The application of cubosomes for intravenous drug delivery is an ambitious one; however, these Nano carriers may find accelerated applications for oral, ocular and topical delivery of poorly water soluble drugs, there by offering an alternative, yet, a cost effective opportunity in formulation science. Cubosomes are attractive nano vehicles for loading and delivery of proteins and peptides but the reported studies are still on a fundamental level and different aspects in terms of structural and morphological characteristics of these soft Nano carriers, loading capacity of bio macromolecules and their release should be addressed. Future development of cubosome based intravenous Nano medicines should address blood compatibility at early stages of formulation development.


Cubosomes, Vesicles, Nano particles, Co polymers, Novel drug delivery

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