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Cultivation of grapes is known as viticulture.Grapes are one of the tastiest end result and extensively eaten as a clean fruit in     India.Also used to make raisins, wine and different products.Grape skins are a supply of vital oils and pectin.[7]Can additionally be used as animal feed and confectionery ingredients.Raisins are rich in sugars, most of which are fructose and antioxidants.Grape production is important in the context that he is the third most cultivated fruit after citrus and bananas.Grapes are laxative and diuretic. Helps fight indigestion, hemorrhoids, urinary tract and bile duct stones. It also activates liver function, promotes digestion, reduces blood cholesterol and eliminates uric acid 6.Its juice is used in cosmetics to bleach and soften skin.Proanthocyanidins in grape seed have been shown to inhit the strong antioxidant,anti-inflammatory,anticarcinogeric and antiviral activity. Grapes are rich source of  flavonoids.[8]


Anti-oxidants,Grape seed,Proanthrocyanidins,In –vitro

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