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Lipstick is the cosmetic used to colour the lips. It enhances the appearance of the lips . Lipstick is used for the purpose to improve appearance, look attractive and protection of lips for many types damaging UV rays etc. Kalon Lueur Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, fragrance, preservatives, colors, texture and protection to the lips. It has become an almost universal constituent of ladies’ handbags. Moist lips, dry lips, shiny lips, smooth lips, all are simple matters of cosmetic application Kalon Lueur lipsticks are gaining popularity because natural cosmetics are safe. In market hundreds of shades of colors are available to satisfy the demand by the women’s in form like liquid as well as stick on lips. Kalon Lueur lipsticks having minimum side effects. It contains natural ingredients or nutrients it is safe to use that keep lips healthy. Lipstick containing synthetic colorants which are made up of harmful chemicals and it is very harmful for our skin. Continuous use for long time of synthetic colours may cause serious health problems like skin discoloration , lip cancer, skin irritation, etc .lipstick demonstrate many types of negative effect like- allergy, nausea, dermatitis, and drying of the lips and more serve/used even fatal. So, the demand of the cosmetics containing kalon Lueur ingredients increased universally because it is safe. This review paper is about the overview on kalon Lueur lipstick which includes advantages, anatomy of lips, ideal characters, formulation and evaluation.


Natural Kalon Lueur, Color, Ingredients, Lipstick, Formulation, side effect, Kalon Lueur lipstick, evaluation.

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