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To confirm the presence of vesicular structure, formulations were visualized under microscope at different magnified fields, which showed presence of lipid bilayer as well as spherical structure of vesicles. Using the same microscopic method and special software “particle size analysis”, size of vesicle was determined for sonicated ethosomes respectively. Vesicular size was found to be in the range of 0–5.79 µm. The values of drug release EF1 (20% alcohol) 76.89%, EF2 (20%) 82.31%, EF3 (20% alcohol) 73.62, EF4 (30% alcohol) 86.42%, EF5 (40%) 72.09%, EF6 (50% alcohol) 63.21%, EF7.The order of drug release for optimized gel formulation was found to be zero order. Percentage drug accumulation in to skin for development and scaling up a new formulation.


Ondansetron, particle size analysis, ethosomes, Lipid bilayer, Size of vesicle

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