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Levodopa, anti-Parkinson’s drug has been chosen as a model drug in the formulation of floating drug delivery systems for the present work. It has been reported that bioavailability of Levodopa when given orally is (30%) and half-life of 1.5 hours. They can increase the bioavailability of drugs that are mainly absorbed in the upper gastrointestinal tract. For the formulation, three biocompatible polymers HPMC, Ethyl cellulose and Eudragit were chosen in varying proportions with the drug. The floating microspheres of drug with HPMC and Ethyl cellulose were buoyant while those with Eudragit S 100 showed greater buoyancy. The overall curve fitting into various mathematical models was found to be on average. The formulations F5best fitted into zero order and shows nonfiction diffusion mechanism. Thus, the formulated floating microspheres seem to be a potential candidate as an oral gastroprotective controlled drug delivery system in prolonging the drug retention stomach and increasing the bioavailability of drug.


Levodopa, anti-Parkinson’s drug, HPMC, gastrointestinal tract, zero order

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