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The work was carried out to prepare Fluconazole ointment to achieve sustain release effect at site of administration making it the first oral dosage of fluconazole sulphate. Stability studies performed for optimized ointments formulations indicates that prepared Ointments have more stability at freezing temperature than that of room temperature.  Based on the above data, it was confirmed that prepared Fluconazole Ointments (F3) can be considered as one of the promising approaches to reduce the dosing frequency and to maintain drug concentration at the desired site for longer time. Ointments improve the drug delivery, prolong the release, and improve the site specificity of the drug Fluconazole. Ointments creates a new opportunity for the well-controlled drug delivery of a number of drugs that have a problem of administration by other routes. It is generally agreed that classic are of little or no value as carriers for transdermal drug delivery because they do not penetrate the skin.


Fluconazole, stability studies, dosing frequency, drug concentration, transdermal drug delivery

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