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The objective of the study is to evaluate the prevalence of anemia in a large population of patients in a Multispeciality Hospital. A Retrospective study was carried out at Vivekanandha Medical Care Hospital, Tiruchengode. The study was conducted for 6 months. It was done in anemic patients with various clinical conditions. The patients details and prescriptions were analyzed and it was attached to the data analysis form Microsoft excel 2019 was used to analyze the data. In this Folic acid was utilized by the patients having anemia with stroke. Drugs like pantoprazole, amlodipine was utilized by the patients having anemia with Hypertension. Drugs like ranitidine, amlodipine was utilized by patients having anemia with Diabetes Mellitus. The major co-morbidity of anemia was Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus. The age of the population was between 15-95 years. The prevalence was higher in male than female with Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus. This study provides additional knowledge to the Healthcare providers to improve the health, recommended that the primary healthcare to be strengthened and high priority should be given to aspects such as prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of anemia.


Anemia Retrospective studies Haemoglobin

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