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The aim of the present research work was to investigate the potential of emulgel in enhancing the topical delivery of Garlic. Emulgel formulations of Garlic were prepared using various gelling agents like Carbopol 934, gelatin and sodium alginate. The influence of the type of the gelling agent and the concentration of both the oil phase and emulsifying agent on the drug release from the prepared emulgel was investigated. The main purpose of this research was to design formulate and evaluate a topical gellified emulsions (Emulgel) of Garlic by different gelling agents. This Carbapol possesses very high viscosity, transparency, film forming properties at low concentration and reported to be useful in formation of gel with an objective to increase transparency and spreadability. All the prepared emulgel (F1,F2,F3) showed acceptable physical properties concerning color, homogeneity, consistency, spreadability, and pH value. The influence of the type of gelling agent on the drug release from the prepared emulgels was investigated and carbopol 934 (F3) showed good results not only in the drug release but also in physical evaluation parameters. From the drug release studies, the prepared formulation showed 90% of drug release in 6 h with good clarity and physical appearance and viscosity cps. Stability studies showed that the physical appearance, rheological study, zone of inhibition, and anti-microbial activity in the prepared emulgel remained unchanged upon storage for 3 months. It was finally concluded that the prepared formulation with Carbopol 934 (F3) was found to be more promising formulations as it shows better physicochemical characteristics and Antimicrobial activity.



Garlic Emulgel Topical gel Anti-microbial Carbopol 934 gelatin sodium alginate

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