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Gels are getting popularity now a days due to their stability and controlled release when compared with other semisolid dosage preparation like ointments,creams,pastes,etc.Gel formulation provides a suitable delivery system for drugs because they are less greasy and can be easily removed from the skin. Topical drug delivery  has advantages such as applying the drug directly into skin and it also provides prolonged action on the specific site.This review includes fundamental advantages of gel formulation above other semisolid formulation and also other aspects like limitation,classification,formulation,mechanism involved and factors affecting of gel formulation.Gels are an tremendous formulation for several routes of administration . They are useful for oral , topical, vaginal, and rectal administation . Gels can be clear formulation when all of the particles completely dissolve in the dispersion medium. Gels are evaluated by following parameter such as pH, homogeneity, grittiness, drug content, viscosity, spreadability, extrudability, skin irritation studies, invitro and stability study.


Gels Topical Buccal Ophthalmic Vaginal

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