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For the past two decades, there is an enhanced demand for more patient compliance dosage forms. As a result, the demands for the technologies are increasing three folds annually. Oral delivery is currently the golden standard in the pharmaceutical industry where it is regarded as the safest, most convenient and economical method of drug delivery having the highest patient compliance.

The most popular dosage forms being tablets and capsules, one important drawback of these dosage forms however is the difficulty to swallow. To overcome this weakness, scientists have developed innovative drug delivery systems known as dispersible tablets.

The main aim of this work is to prepare and evaluate dispersible tablets of Artemether and Lumefantrine using co-processed super disintegrants containing crospovidone and sodium starch glycolate. Ten batches of dispersible tablets Artemether and Lumefantrine along with control formulation tablets were prepared by direct compression method using conventional tabletting equipment and subjected to various evaluation tests. All the formulations were evaluated for pre-compression and post-compression parameters. Results revealed that all the formulated tablets have acceptable physical properties. Thus, it can be summarized that stable Artemether and Lumefantrine dispersible tablets were prepared successfully by using co-processed super disintegrants by direct compression method.


Dispersible tablets Artemether Lumefantrine Sodium starch glycolate crospovidone Direct Compression

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