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The term ‘nutraceuticals’ was coined in the late 1980s to describe food products that have a medicinal benefit.This fast growing sector includes functional foods (such as vitamin enriched products), nutritional supplements, sport drinks, and medically formulated foods. Functional foods and nutraceuticals provide a chance to enhance the human health, reduce health care costs and support economic development in rural communities. The phrase "Let food be the drugs and medicine be the food," coined by Hippocrates over 2500 years ago is receiving tons of interest today as food scientists and consumers realize the various health benefits of certain foods. This review article focused on the definition and the challenges and opportunities, motivating the development and regulations of functional foods and nutraceuticals were discussed. This article also focused on some samples of the functional foods and nutraceuticals and their health benefits


Definition Nutraceutical product hot spots Regulations,Health Benefits

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