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In the present study, we report the strain improvement studies on L-asparaginase producing a newly isolated Bacillus cereus MS-6. The UV induced mutant MUV-9 showed highest L-asparaginase activity (24.98 IU/ml). It was 7.84 fold of the parent strain. Further mutagenesis of this strain by NTG treatment could yield few mutants. Examination of L-asparaginase activity of the selected mutants showed that the mutant MNTG-7 showed further improvement in L-asparaginase activity (38.06 IU/ml) (Fig. 4.4). It was12.04 fold more of the wild strain (MS-6, 3.16). The EMS mutants (from parent MNTG-7) have not much difference between parent strain and EMS mutants.


L-Asparginase bacillus cereus MS-6 and mutants

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