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Aim of the present study is to improve solubility of nebivolol by different technological approaches during the pharmaceutical product development. Solid dispersion technique using wide variety of carriers such as PEG 6000 and PVP K30 were prepared in ratio 1:1, 1:3 and 1:5 by fusion and solvent evaporation method. All the solid dispersions were evaluated for drug content, phase solubility, in vitro dissolution study. Solubility of PEG 6000 and PVP K30 indicates a linear relationship (AL type of curve) in the investigated polymer concentration range. The Gibb’s free energy showed declined trend with increase in the carrier concentrations. Different drug-carrier concentration level fitted to different kinetic model and it was found that solid dispersions exhibited fickian diffusional characteristics and best fitted to higuchi model. A PVP K30 solid dispersion (1:5 ratio) prepared by solvent evaporation method showed faster dissolution rate (93.31 %) in 30 min among studied solid dispersions. Theoverall results showed that process of nebivolol transfer from water to carrier solution is more favorable at higher level of PVP K30. The solid dispersion of drug: PVP K 30 (1:5 ratio) prepared by solvent evaporation method was found to be optimum in term of solubility and dissolution rate. Hence, we can concluded that solubility of nebivolol can be enhanced using this carrier ratio.


Nebivolol Solid dispersion Fusion method Solvent evaporation method PEG 6000 PVP K30

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