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Esophageal cancer (EsC) is one of the least studied and deadliest cancers worldwide becauseof its extremely aggressive nature and poor survival rate. It ranks sixth among all cancers in mortality (1).The review on esophageal cancer is aimed to determine the prevalence of adverse events associated with the chemotherapeutic agents.Systematic search of medline database using PubMed for articles of esophageal cancer and chemotherapy   up to the recent studies.The result of the study indicate the therapy contain adverse reaction related to chemotherapeutic agents were mild to moderate and are irreversible. Esophageal cancer has often poor survival when it is diagnosed at the time of clinical symptoms.An effective outcome on esophageal cancer by the use of chemotherapeutic agents cannot be achieved completely and adverse reaction of chemotherapeutic agents also harm the patient (8). The effective counter measures and a low incidence of mild ADR leads to a better compliance and an enhanced survival rate in esophageal cancer patient.


ADRs Cancer Chemotherapy

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