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Different types of bioadhesive polymers, intended for buccal tablet formulation, were investigated for their comparative bioadhesive force, swelling behavior, residence time and surface pH. The selected polymers were HPMC3 cps, HPMC5cps, HPMC K4M, and HPMC K15M along with Carbopol 940 as bioadhesive polymers showed the highest bioadhesion force, prolonged residence time and high surface acidity. Different polymer combinations as well as formulations were evaluated to improve the bioadhesive performance of the tablet. The formulation F7 containing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose K4M, K15M, Carbopol940, and mannitol was found to be promising, which shows an invitrodrug release of 99.85% in 12 h along with satisfactory results. Formulation of bioadhesivebuccal tablets of Glimepiride can be prepared by using different proportion & combination of excipients and we selected F7 as best formulation based on dissolution profile and physical characteristics. Formulation (F7) showed total drug release in 12hr and showed fair flow properties when compared to other formulations. The formulations F7, followed first order kinetics.


Glimepiride Bioadhesive Drug delivery system Direct compression method

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