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Oral route of administration gets the highest priority for the delivery of drug as well as better patient compliance. Floating tablet is selected for achieving a prolonged and predictable drug delivery profile in the gastrointestinal tract to control the gastric residence time using a gastro retentive dosage forms that will provide as with new and important therapeutic options.Biguanide is also used prokinetic agent for treatment of upper gastrointestinal motility disorders. After Oral administration, Biguanide is rapidly absorbed from the stomach and the upper part of the GIT with fewer side effects. It is weak base with good solubility in acidic pH but significantly reduced solubility in alkaline medium. Such weak base, formulated as an oral controlled release dosage form is exposed to environments of increasing pH with subsequent precipitation of poorly soluble free base with in the formulation that is no longer capable of being released from the formulation. Thus, prolonging the gastric retention of Biguanide beneficial by improving bioavailability, therapeutic efficacy by possible reduction of dose.          

Hence in the present study an attempt will be made to develop floating tablets of Biguanide in order to sustain its release in the stomach and the upper part of the GIT.


Grastroretentive drug delivery Biguanide Sustained release

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