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An antibiotic is a substance produced by one microorganism that selectively inhibits the growth of another. Synthetic antibiotics, usually chemically related to natural antibiotics, have since been produced that accomplish comparable tasks. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, herbal medicines are complex biological creatures that have evolved slowly over time and contain hundreds, if not thousands, of active compounds that all work together synergistically. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are, in fact, simple substances, not complex, and because of this, bacteria can more easily figure out how to counteract their effects, but herbs like garlic are very complex”.Polyherbal formulation are known to express high effectiveness in vast no of diseases. They are usually found to have wide theraupetic range. Often, it results in few side effects as compared to allopathic drugs. The present research work was carried out to prove the antibacterial activities of polyherbal extract include  Phyllanthusemblica, Aloevera, Eclipta alba, Tinosporacardifolia, Sphaeranthusindicus which can used as an alternative for synthetic medicine to cure bacterial infections. The crude leaves were collected from local forest which was then subjected for extraction was done by using maceration process. The effect of antibacterial activity of polyherbal extract is studied by using both gram positive and gram negative strains like E.coli, S.aureus ,K.pnuemonia and S. typhii They were used as test organisms.  From the agar diffusion results was confirmed, that the extract may have antibacterial activities.   Moreover,  these  plants  extract  should  be  investigated  in  vitro to  better understand their safety, efficacy and properties. This extract used to prepare syrup, physical properties, viscosity- 156 centipoises, pH- 5.15, and specific gravity - 1.321.


Antibacterial activity Pharmaceutical syrup

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