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The present work was designed to formulate metoprolol succinate microspheres by using ethyl cellulose polymer by solvent evaporation method and by using sodium alginate by ion gelation method and comaprision was made and evaluated that solvent evaporation method proves to be best method than ion gelation method. Preformulation studies were done for bulk drugs. The Metoprolol succinate microspheres were formulated and evaluated. The ethylcellulose microspheres of Metoprolol succinate were successfully prepared by solvent evaporation technique and confirmed that it is a best method for preparing Metoprolol succinate loaded microspheres from its higher percentage yield. For all the formulations dissolution profile graph and percentage of drug release Vs time was plotted. From all the parameters mentioned above were taken, including surface characteristics of the formulation, drug polymer ratio and time F3 Shows the reliable results.


ion gelation method Metoprolol succinate ethylcellulose

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