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      The present work is done on preparing fast dissolving tablets of almotriptan. Almotriptan is used to treat severe migraine. The major problem in oral drug formulations is low and bioavailability, which mainly results from poor aqueous solubility. The concept of formulating fast dissolving tablets using super disintegrants offers a suitable and practical approach of faster disintegration and dissolution characteristics. Among the various method of preparation fast dissolving tablets were prepared by using super disintegrants like CCS, CP and SSG by direct compression. The prepared tablets of Almotriptan were evaluated for precompression parameters like angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, Carr’s index and post compression parameters like the hardness, friability and weight variation, drug content, disintegration time, and in vitro dissolution studies. Among the various fast dissolving tablets of Almotriptan F6 formulation was optimized. F6 maximum drug release in 20 min.


Almotriptan CCS CP and SSG

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